Mr Nice

Comedy Drama (UK) : Rhys Ifans is a larger than life character getting involved in drug dealing and the CIA based on Howard Marks' autobiography.

The King's Speech

Drama (UK) : Geoffrey Rush tries to cure George IV (Colin Firth) from a stammer so he can address the country as it stands on the brink of war. With Helena Bonham Carter.


Drama (Turkey) : A bizarre outsider disrupts village life. enthralling and perplexing the occupants in equal number.


Latest Works

The American

Drama (USA) : George Clooney plays an assassin who takes time out after a job in Sweden ends particularly harshly, and retreats to the Italian countryside, where he meets the mysterious Mathilde.


Cult Comedy (Ireland) : Self proclaimed alien Zonad is accepted by the small village of Ballymoran, but his comfortable existence is disrupted by the unexpected arrival of galactic rival, Bonad!


Black Comedy (Norway) : A painfully shy neurotic man builds a relationship with his polar opposite, a loud and sex-obsessed hulk, in a state home, but struggle to cope when they are discharged.

Animal Kingdom

Thriller (Australia) : When Joshua's mother dies, he moves in with his grandmother and his uncles, the Cody Brothers, and gets embroiled in a cold-blooded revenge plot.

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest

Drama (Sweden) : Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomqvist continue Steig Larsson's story that began with The Girl Who Played With Fire, in the third film of the Millennium trilogy.


Vintage Sc-Fi (Germany) : Fritz Lang's hugely influential 1927 masterpiece depicts a future cityscape and an alluring female robot.